This is a place on earth which is chosen energetically after having deeply related with and communicated with the bees, to create the first mandala sacred circle on earth in gratitude for their vast work without changing their natural lifestyle. The only living system that functions, that mankind has been unable to destroy, the empire of the bees, where there are no thrones or limitations, where everything belongs to all, where no queen gives orders, where there are no owners, servants, or subjects, where there is no time, where no one is hungry or sad, where there is only life to be lived to accomplish a task with the universe, the obligation of the race, to generate life.

I want that all living beings can understand this world parallel to ours and through their work become involved with it and move into their evolution, disturbing the beings who have the power of money to generate and conduct conscious business that values the work of the bees for humanity.


This is a sacred circle created to invoke universal forces to be concentrated within it, filled with the energy of the Divine Feminine touching and awakening each person who passes through this place. After experiencing this state with the bees, you can fly without wings.


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