Bees are still collapsing, in February 2016 a group of beekeepers in Florida sent hives to California for almond pollination,  sadly 45% of the hives sent to California didn't make it. Some hives were almost empty or had no bees inside at all. Even though beekeepers carefully inspected each hive before it was loaded to the truck.


We are witnessing premature swarming and wondering why bee colonies are abandoning human-made hives. Beekeepers need to work with the scientific community and government agencies to find the source of this bee behavior and search for a solution of the problem to keep the bees pollinating the plants and generating 1/3 of the food needed for humans.


Our main objective is to preserve the bees by investigating their disappearance. To do this, we have created the BeeRing, a natural habitat enabler having six walls forming and hexagonal shape, each wall houses up to 6 insertions where the bees can build their natural habitats in a single structure copyrighted worldwide as  BeeRing.  Six natural habitats per wall in the BeeRing give us a total of 30 natural habitats as five of the six walls are used to house the natural habitats. Each BeeRing would be connected to a server that would be used as a repository of information generated by probes and sensors installed in each one of these natural habitats and required to study the bees and their premature swarming. Alternatively, the sound emitted by the bees in these natural habitats worldwide could be shared by people around the world to establish a vivid consciousness connection with the bees. The first BeeRing was created in the United States, in the city of Vero Beach FL, with the purpose of promoting awareness of the importance of bees and study the feasibility of separating the sound frequency emitted by the queen from the other sound sources at the beehive, such as bees, drones, and surrounding noise. The information collected in each BeeRing around the world will be sent to the repository and will be openly available to all researchers around the world. If we want to help the bees, we need to know what it's really happening to them, why are they leaving man made-hives and the real reason why they are disregarding our monoculture.  


We have over 30 years experience as beekeepers at a commercial scale, with 4,000 hives and more than 15 years doing research with 45 hives. We have created the BeeRing with the sole purpose of enabling research on bee premature swarming. With interconnected BeeRings we will be able to study, admire, learn from these amazing creatures and also unify their conscious with the human being, understanding their language, and improving the way they work. We would be able to find the reason why they are disappearing the way they are doing it now. We must not change their pattern of life, it should be kept as they have been doing it since they came into this planet.

If you are interested in adopting or donating a BeeRing, and helping us find out why the bees are disappearing , please contact us, and join our worldwide bee net. 


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